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About Us

Why DiKi Jewelry? 

- Everyone deserves to receive and give away love. Based on this unshakable conviction, we are dedicated to creating an assortment of jewelry for everyone.
 Our assortment includes only high-quality jewelry, from classic essentials to the latest trends.
- We have been a successful wholesale jewelry company for 20 years, which allows us to offer jewelry at a price significantly lower than the market price. This is facilitated by extensive experience working directly with manufacturers of jewelry, lack of expensive rental space and significant maintenance costs.
- All products are thoroughly checked by the store's jewelers and transferred to the State Proof Bureau, only after that we offer the goods for sale.

All products exhibited on the website are 100% available from a wholesale warehouse in Riga! 


- When shopping at the store, we aim to offer you a personalized approach and reliable DiKi experience to help you make the perfect choice.
- We offer you a free consultation on the products of our store.
 Contact us via Live Chat or by phone +371 28343727
- 100% Free shipping on ALL PRODUCTS over 50 EUR all over Latvia in Omniva parcel machines!

All items are delivered in the original DiKi Jewelry gift box!